SUMMER CAMP 2021

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Details & What to Expect

After the success of our 3rd Annual Jr. Hackathon we were amazed by the amount of positive feedback we received from our community members. Many asked us about our next event, so this Summer Camp initiative is for our community. We want to give students more opportunities to learn outside of their school curriculum by implementing all their favorite activities in our lessons. As well, our volunteers wanted more ways to continue building experience and connections. After months of preparation, we are ready to unveil STEM1's Summer Camp 2021! 

STEM1's Summer Camp introduces students to STEM concepts in fun and unique ways. Each week we'll introduce a new theme that will consist of theme related activities and competitions. All concepts needed to accomplish these challenges will be taught during camp. Students will compete in teams of 4 - 6. Take a look below at each weeks theme and what more to expect our of this summer camp!

Virtual Summer Camp

Register, compete, and make lasting memories with new friends! Limited spots available. 

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Each week new concepts will be taught related to both technical and soft skills which will be helpful in many aspects of education and day to day life! Students can then immediately apply to their projects and challenges.


Summer camps are a great way to make new friends and network! Meet other people who are the same age and have the same interest as you. You'll also have camp councilors to talk to!


As the week progresses, students will be well into the works of their projects. At the end of the week, they will participate in a big face off against other teams in the final quiz down! Find out which team knows the most on that week's theme. 


Each day students will play fun mini games with their friends and team mentors. These games are a great way to know your team, mentors and have lots of fun. Ever heard of games like Skribbl.io and Codenames??

Theme Reveal!


There's a new habitable planet in a new galaxy! You and your team will dive into Deep Space as your explore different planets, stars and other cool features that make space awesome. As you journey through space, you'll be tasked to create a plan, design models and explore space concepts that allows humanity to survive on this new, unknown planet!

Recommended for Juniors  (Gr 2 - 4)

DESIGN GAMES (July 19 - 23)

Do you like coding? Or maybe you just want to try it? This week, code your own games with Python! As you learn new concepts each day, you'll also learn how those concepts turn into cool game features! Code fun games that you can play with your friends and family and keep forever!

Recommended for Seniors (Gr 5- 8)

BUILD AN ECO-CITY (July 12 - 16)

Have you ever thought about the beautiful cities in Canada. Places like Toronto, Vancouver and so many other cities put a lot of effort into their design. But some cities are also more eco friendly than others. How would you design a city? Do you like to keep it classic with simple roads and buildings, or maybe a giant slide down the center of your city? Learn about what maybes a good sustainable city, and apply to concepts when building your own, awesome, eco city!

Recommended for Juniors (Gr 2 - 4)


It's all about ideas! Have any crazy and cool ideas that you think people would love? Well this is your chance to pitch those! Learn how to sell products, and make a sustainable business by creating your very own product! Use your both your logical and creative skills to develop an awesome business with your own business cards and website!

Recommended for Seniors (Gr 5 - 8)

Fun Interactive Lessons

All our lessons are related to the theme of the week! These lessons will prepare students for the awesome challenges and tasks for the week

What Does STEM1 Summer Camp Entail?

Creative Activities

Each week will consist of various activities and challenges. This includes designing 3D models, coding websites, modeling planets and so much more.

Fun Games

Don't think you can code for 3 hours straight? No worries! Each day consist of 15 minute breaks plus start and end class with some fun and classic games. Ever heard of scribbl.io or codenames??

The Big Competition Showdown

Use all your knowledge and challenge your friends in the final showdown. Face other teams in Jeopardy and quiz games to see who wins!

Summer Camp Highlights!

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 1
Week 1


STEM1 summer camp started with a blast! This weeks theme was all about Space and Superheroes. Students were tasked to travel to another planet similar to Earth. As explorers, they had to solve issues related to transportation, defenses and living habits. Take a look at the pictures below!

Week 2
Week 1


Students learned about Sustainable development goals and how to implements those in order to make their own, personal, unique eco-city! They drew blueprints, created 3D models, and developed presentations about their designs. Take a look at the pictures below.

Week 3
Week 3


Both students with no coding experience and a lot of coding knowledge came together to code their own minigames! Students learned about gaming concepts to create an avoid the obstacle game, as well as a pong game using Python. We wrapped the week up with a Jeopardy game all about Python!

Week 4


Students brainstormed and developed sustainable products that they then pitched to their team leads. Take a look at the different ideas we had!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need coding experience?

Not at All!

Everything you need to know will be taught at the camp. All we want is your enthusiasm and your eager to learn.

Who can attend?

Anyone in Gr. 2 - 8

Clarification: Students entering grade 2 after the summer and students enter gr 8 after the summer.

Can I participate if I just finished Gr 1, and am going to Gr. 2 after the summer?


Students entering grade 2 after the summer can participate!

How many students per team?

4 - 6 Students

When you sign up for the summer camp, you can create your own team as well! You and your friends can sign up together.

How can I form a team?

Team Sign Up Forms will be sent!

After registering for our summer camp, you will receive a confirmation email consisting of a team sign up form. In that email, you can request to be in a team with your friends!

How much is the camp?

The first week is free! Regular prices are $99


Schedule and agenda info will drop soon!

Keep a look out on our Instagram and Facebook page for updates!

What is the best way to contact you?

Connect with us by email or call! Info on the contact us page!

You can also use our website text feature on the bottom right corner of the screen to get in touch with us.