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    At STEM1, we design programs for kids between Grade 3 to 8 providing them with interactive and visual coding software and languages that make coding fun and accessible. 

Instilling Passion for Coding!


Become a master coder by the time you graduate high school. At  Stem1, coding is our passion and love. Thus it is our mission to instill this same love in the kids we teach code. We intend to get the kids we teach excited about code and get them future-ready by introducing our students to coding in a fun and interactive way using our local instructors. Thus, allow us to help you get your child future-ready and enroll them in our coding courses.


We are determined to make the courses as comfortable as we can for the kids. We do not wish to put unwarranted pressure on the kids and push them to do things they are not ready for. It is why we assess students in our mandatory placement course, Introduction to Coding. We want to take a look at their level and determine the best course of action. depending on the results, our instructors developed a customized learning pathway to suit the student's needs.


It is an undeniable fact that kids love games. Incorporating them, into our teaching programs provides a fun interactive way for kids to learn code. We practice the play and learn methodology into our programs to ensure we use the most effective way to get our students excited about learning code. We also instill a sense of competitiveness within the students by rewarding them with multiple awards, stars, and prizes to acknowledge their growth in coding and motivate them to do better with each project.


Once a student graduates from the Sr. program, they become a master coder and by default are eligible to become instructors for STEM1. Teaching is one of the best ways to retain information. The more you teach the better you understand the content. Allowing our coding programs alumni to conduct our courses empowers them to help more students get into the most important skill of the future while assisting them to hone their skills. Thus, take advantage of this unique opportunity and help set your child’s future by enrolling them in our fun, interactive coding course.

Junior (Grade 3+)

Our Junior program is designed for Grade 3+ students to teach them basics of coding. These courses introduce students to coding in fun and interactive ways!

Understand the basic fundamentals of coding through introductory Game Design, Scratch, Animation, TinkerCAD, HTML, Python courses.

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Senior (Grade 6+)

Our senior program is designed for students who have graduated from Junior program at STEM1 and for students who are in Grade 6+ with no coding experience. Jr. program Graduates will be placed in Level 7 of Sr. Program. 

Advance your programming knowledge in our intermediate courses on Hacking, HTML, Python, AI/ML, and more.

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Leadership (Sr. Graduates)

Our Leadership Program is designed for grade 7+ or for students who have completed the Stem1 Senior Program. These students have mastered the concepts of coding that include logic, problem solving and computational thinking. 

Apply your gained experience and skills into advanced teamwork and individual coding projects. You can shadow our current instructors to become one yourself!

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