• Leadership program

    Take the concepts and skills learned and apply it to projects that help our community

Leadership Program

Our Leadership Program is designed for grade 7+ or for students who have completed the Stem1 Senior Program. These students have mastered the concepts of coding that include logic, problem solving and computational thinking. Students are required to complete 10 projects (5 team and 5 solo) and participate in the instructor in training program to become an instructor at Stem1. 

Progress & Certification

All 10 levels require a presentation and a project report that is judged by a panel.

Who is this course for?

Our Leadership Program is designed for students grade 7+ who have completed our senior program. After graduating from this program, we’ll offer students a chance to become instructors at STEM1.


Starting $96* per month on yearly plan

Leadership Program Curriculum (Grade 7+)


Space is a big place that still has much places to be explored. Think of a problem related to space travel and develop an innovative solution to solve it. The possibilities are endless!

Game Design 

Through out our course, students learned about important game elements and how to code these concepts into programs. Now students can design and build a custom game including all the elements required for a successful game that you and your friends can play. 

Community Focus

Apply the skills learned in all our courses to build a project that can solve a problem in our local community. Create a program for a local team, or design a website for a local business, reach out to the people around you to see how you can use your skills to support others. #SupportLocal

Digital Arts

Bring out the creativity inside of you to complete a Graphics related project. You can use photoshop, Blender or any cool software to help create your digital assets. 


What can you build to get your feet wet in Artificial Intelligence. It's just the beginning of something really cool. 

Registration Fee

There is no long term contracts, 30 day notice is required for any cancellations.

Monthly: $120 CAD

6 students

1 Instructor

1 Leader in Training

Yearly: $96/Month CAD

20% Off Monthly

Paid in Advance

Private: $175 CAD

1:1 Instructor