• Junior Program

    Start with block based coding and get introduced to world of Coding.

Grade 3+

Just as we consider Mainframe computers and Televison as old technology, students currently in Grade 3+ are going to consider YouTube, Google, Bitcoin as old technology. Our goal at STEM1 is to help students to get introduced to coding as another cool thing to do rather than thinking of it as a boring mandatory class.  

Progress & Certification

We gamify learning through awarding points, badges and certificates to recognize the progress & hardwork of our students. Students will be awarded a certificate of completion after they finish every level. Students are required to submit a presentation or project to graduate each course.

Who is this course for?

Our Junior program is designed for Grade 3+ students to teach them basics of coding. At the end of each level/course, we conduct quiz & assessment to understand the student's progress.

Jr. Program Curriculum (Grade 3+)

Introduction to Coding & Game Design

This course introduces students to fundamental coding concepts. Through weekly coding challenges, students will apply concepts like methods, sequencing, loops, and events to their programs. Like games? Code your own game! In this course, students grasp a better understanding of the elements that make up games and how to implement those in a program. Students will learn what coding concepts can be used to implement features like creating characters and scoring as they code different mini games throughout the course!

Scratch 101

Let your children learn scratch, a programming language to create their own stories, animations, and games. In this course, students will learn about variables, loops, events, conditional statements and attributes. Scratch is a great way to combine creativity and coding to create awesome programs!

Scratch 201

Apply your knowledge from Scratch 101 to create complex games.

3D Design 101

Throughout the course, students will get familiar with the 3D Designing platform, TinkerCAD where they will learn 3D design principles to create some awesome objects! From luggage tags to your dream room, students can apply their creativity to their designs. 

HTML 101

Learn what elements make a good website, and then learn to code it! Students can creatively design their own websites after learning different HTML concepts that will help them create headings, paragraphs, buttons, tabs and many other website elements. 

Python 101

In this course, students will review the fundamental coding concepts and how those concepts will now be applied in Python. Each week students will learn new concepts including movement commands, spatial awareness, attributes, functions, variables, loops and conditional statements. Each week students will receive a task where they will apply these challenges. 

Python 201

Take the fundamental coding concepts to the next level. Learn how these concepts can be used to create cool applications and games. From calculator apps to tic tac toe games, students will apply their lessons to accomplish varying projects. 

Registration Fee

There is no long term contracts, 30 day notice is required for any cancellations.

Monthly: $120 CAD

6 students

1 Instructor

1 Leader in Training

Yearly: $96/Month CAD

20% Off Monthly

Paid in Advance

Private: $175 CAD

1:1 Instructor