What is the LMS?

The LMS stands for Learning Management System. This is a platform we use to post our lessons and connect with students on. It allows them to access class material as well as earn points for completing work, submit solutions for Problem of the Week and redeem gifts. Students can access their classes through the LMS @ learn.stem.one

How are our lessons structured?

Each lesson has a main topic with associated tasks. As one of our main focuses is to get our students to problem to solve, the instructor goes over one computational thinking concept each week which includes a group/individual activity. Students ahead of the class also have access to additional content based on the week’s main topic which can be done during class or for homework (optional).  

Why don't we give homework?

We find that our students don't respond well to homework as this class starts to feel like school. Endless surveys have found that homework creates a negative attitude towards classes, and homework has not been found to be linked to a higher level of academic success. However, on our LMS (learning management system) we do offer extra activities for students to complete under the additional content section. This is completely optional and is there for students who want to take extra initiative to learn outside of class. This promotes independent study habits which we believe will benefit students in the long run once they finish classes at STEM1. 

How long are our programs?

We have 2 programs; the Junior Program is for students in Grades 3 - 5, the senior program is for students in Grades 6 - 8. Both programs have 7 courses each. Students attend one hour virtual classes once a week. Each course can last between 8 - 16 weeks so the programs can take 1-2 years to complete. 

Do we host any other events other than weekly coding classes?

At STEM1, we understand the importance of building a strong relationship with our community. Therefore, we host many events for students and volunteers throughout the year such as our; Annual Jr. Hackathon, Annual Summer Camp, Monthly Volunteer Workshops, Monthly Student Workshops, and many more to come. 

How much does the private class cost?

These one-on-one classes with the instructor cost $175/month. Private classes are also held once a week, but the curriculum is adjusted to suit the pace of the student. There is more flexibility around the date and time of the class. In addition, the student gets all the class minutes and teacher’s attention without waiting for another’s questions to be answered.

Why do we recommend group classes?

Our group classes consist of no more than 6 students with one instructor and one leader in training. We recommend group classes as students are placed in a more interactive environment to promote communication and teamwork skills. They get to learn from other people and feel a competitive dynamic. The bonus is that group classes are cheaper at $120/month. 

Can we post our curriculum?

We cannot post our curriculum to the public. However, our students can access their course lessons on our LMS. 

Will students be able to ask questions to instructors outside of class?

Absolutely! Students can post questions and talk to their classmates and instructor on our LMS anytime. Instructors check this platform often so you’ll receive the help you need within 24 - 48 hours. If students or parents need immediate access to our instructors, they can email admin@stem.one to receive a faster reply.