Overview of the Month

Take a look at the recap of all the events and work from our students, volunteers/staff from this month. 

Upcoming Events

We always have new and exciting events coming up. Check out this section to stay up to date with STEM1. 

Volunteer Spotlight

Again, we believe we have the best volunteers! Find out what our volunteers have to say from their experience at STEM1. 

Staff Spotlight

Our staff are extremely dedicated and passionate towards teaching and coding. We are honored to highlight them and their work here.  

Ashish Patel 
Instagram Takeover

Ashish is a grade 10 student at Louis Harbour Secondary School. His hobbies are swimming and cycling and is interested in math and technology. Ashish got interested in Stem1 because at STEM1 young individuals are provided with the opportunity to learn coding and engage with something. A few tips from him on managing school work are making a planner, taking breaks to refresh the mind and complete tasks in class. 

Instagram Takeover

For the month of September, Sudiksha Devanathan, a Biomedical Engineering student attending Ryerson University will be doing a takeover on September 19th.  As well, Vaishavi Sathyamoorthi, a Waterloo biomedical science student aspiring to be an optometrist will be doing a takeover on the 26th! 

Find More Here

Demo Classes

Demo class registration is live for students and parents wondering what class at STEM1 are like. They are a free intro to how classes will look like and will run for 45 mins. This is also an opportunity for the team at STEM1 to get to know potential students. Demo dates are available upon registration. 

Register Here

Volunteer Workshop

We have put together a volunteer workshop themed back to school on September 5th at 10 am EST. It is completely free and is an opportunity for Grade 9-12 students to get tips for returning back to school and learn more about becoming a potential STEM1 volunteer.

Register Here

Ali Askri (Volunteer)

Ali has demonstrated an excellent example of a team lead at our JR Hacks program 2021. In addition, he has been a Summer Camp lead that has engaged the students and actively participated to make it an enjoyable experience for everyone. Lastly, he is now a leader in training in the shadow program. 

Find his Interview Here

Khushmeet Kaur (Staff)

She demonstrated a phenomenal example of an instructor who comprehensively teaches courses with html and scratch, among other things. In addition, goes above and beyond to plan and improve STEM1's curriculum to make it more engaging and to make sure it prepares students for the real world he has. Lastly, she always keeps a good attitude and is friendly with her students and fellow staff members. 

Find her Interview Here