About Us

Inspiring The Next Generation Leaders

Who Are We?

STEM1 is a team of engineers, educators and driven students with a passion to make learning both purposeful and exciting for children.
With staff ranging from experience professionals to high school students, STEM1 strives to provide the best learning experience while also creating an environment that embraces mistakes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to remove the fear of coding for students. We empower the students by introducing the fundamentals of programming and focusing on problem solving. Students are also encouraged to develop their soft skills through presentations and public speaking challenges.

Our Vision

Teach 500 kids by the end of 2022 so they can do what they love and make the right career choices.
Our vision is to create a environment that helps both the students and Mentors to reach their full potential by providing the tools & technologies that are needed for them to be successful and #FutureReady.

Our Locations

Find us in Ontario and California!

Our instructors are local to the area to provide the best connections and learning experience to our students.

Meet Our Team

"I believe coding is extremely important now and in the future. I started STEM1 to create a better way to for my kids to learn how to code. With kids, when you don't introduce something the right way, they'll walk away from it. When students understand the computational thinking concepts behind the coding languages, they become more confident coders. When students come to STEM1, there's a clear pathway from starting as a student to becoming an instructor. With our community events and our classes, we're building the leaders of our future." - Chandu Andhe (CEO & Founder)

Chandra Andhe - CEO & Founder

Program Director


Project Manager / Instructor

Gayatri Gangakhedkar

Social Media Manager



Aiishwin Muraliy


Ali Askri


Awina Muraliy


Ronn Phillip


Leaders in Training

Jaskamal Patti

Victoria Chakma

Sakshi Goel

Vilohith Rao

Adam Rebello

Krishantini Jagadees 

Aiza Chauhdry

Social Media


Graphic Designer

Jaskamal Patti

Volunteer/Staff Work Lead

Niruja Linges

Student Work Lead