Jr. Hacks 2021 Grand Prize Contest!

All Jr. Hacks 2021 registered teams are automatically entered into a contest to win $1000! Winning team is announced on Jan 1st 2022!

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Donation to Peel Learning Foundation 

We were able to raise around $2500 for the Peel Learning Foundation thanks to over 250 participants in our Jr. Hacks 2021! STEM1 matched this amount and together we were able to donate $5000 overall. The PLF's objective to help students achieve personal excellence by providing resources to help them overcome obstacles is inspiring. We are delighted to contribute our part to providing students with the resources they require to become #FutureReady.

Learn to Code
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Learn to Code

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All our programs are designed to encourage creativity, group learning, problem solving & mentoring. Learn to code by completing challenges, building games, apps, and more. Continuously develop interpersonal and presentation skills in each of our courses.

Understand the basic fundamentals of coding through introductory Game Design, Scratch, Animation, TinkerCAD, HTML, Python courses. Complete all 10 levels and progress to Level 7 in our Senior Coding Program.

Advance programming knowledge in our courses senior program through courses like Hacking, HTML, Python, AI/ML, and more. 


Apply your gained experience and skills into advanced teamwork and individual coding projects. You can choose to start your internship with us by shadowing our current instructors and interviewing to become one yourself!

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Meet Virtually

STEM1 has gone virtual! This allows students from all areas to tackle their coding journey with STEM1 while working at the comfort of their home!

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Jr.Hacks 2021

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Computational Thinking in Digital Literacy

Our Core Values

STEM1 Difference!


Convenience of Virtual class but with instructors are local, which means they can offer a better learning experience for the students.


Group Learning provides a better learning experience and Leadership opportunities for students. We believe there is always something to learn from each other


Our students are our future Instructors!. We provide plenty of opportunities for students to lead and present their ideas and projects.

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STEM1 is based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. We are a local business aiming to inspire students across the globe to get involved with coding.  Kids do not want to learn how to code by reading a book, its boring! Which is why we believe in learning by doing! During your journey with us here at STEM1, you will build countless programs, games, websites, and even apps!

If you would like to start classes with STEM1 and we do not currently offer our services in your city or state/province, send us a message! We will work together to start our programs in your area with local instructors. 




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